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'Make £1000's more'

Your house is valuable:
Houses today cost hundreds of thousands of pounds yet some people spend more time and energy presenting their second hand car for sale than their home, but you can make £1000's more if you present it correctly. The property sale is in the eye of your be-holder, first impressions stick and you must get it right first time. Homes that owners keep in up to minute decoration that are spacious, brightly decorated and sensibly illuminated, appeal to prospective buyers.

We at Bellevue Interiors will look at how to create the best impression and identify any features that require attention that will make your property sell fast.

• Presentation of house for estate agent's photographs/website
• Curb appeal - exterior decoration
• Entrance Impression - hallway
• Painting over existing tiles - bathroom/kitchen
• Redecoration - rooms
• Create a spacious feeling
• Proper lighting
• Avoid eccentric décor - depersonalise
• Enhance the view and garden

Call out consultation fee on request.

Digital Evaluation:
Email or post at least three photographs of each room taken from different angles with all lights switched on.
For a fee of £75/€100 we will send you a written report stipulating colour schemes and surface finishes.

Before and After

Visualisation of a new bathroom which was generated from a photograph

Before and After

Visualisation of a new kitchen which was generated from a photograph

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